Released a major update to the .NET version of tidepass.

Changes include:

  • A new password generating algorithm.
    The old algorithm is left as the default and is called v1. The new one is called v2. To switch to v2 Right-Click the background and click use v2.x Passwords.  You can also hit Alt+1/Alt+2.
    The most noticeable change is v2 uses ASCII85 instead of Base64 encoding. v2 will also always make the first letter of the password a lower case letter. (As sooo many sites seem to enforce this)
  • Some performance tweaks for v1.
    v2 is likely a little slower however I’ll be working on optimizing it.
  • Some UI tweaks.
    Password boxes slightly wider. Algorithm used is shown.
  • Some bugfixes.
  • Added About Page with Credits.
    Right-Click background -> About.

You can download it at

Feel free Contact Me with any issues.