tidepass .NET released


  • Fixed a problem with password not updating when choosing complexity options.
  • Reset the countdown if the passhrase name is blank
  • Small performance improvement when generating the password

tidepass will check for the update and you can auto-update or download it at http://apps.tidesoft.com.au/tidepass.


HTML5 tidepass 1.0 released

A HTML5 version of tidepass has been released! This version requires nothing except your browser.

Check it out on the tidepass page or go to the direct link.

Thanks to Aaron Robinson for co-developing this version of tidepass with me.

tidepass 1.3 for iOS released

New version supports rotation in iPad, a much requested feature.

Also look out for a new look that is coming in 1.4.

It’s free and here is the Direct Link.

tidepass 1.0 for Windows Phone 7 released

I am happy to announce that tidepass for Windows Phone 7 has been released and is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

Marketplace link (browser)
Direct Zune link

Thanks to David Gray for helping with testing, validation and marketplace submission.

As always for any comments or questions send mail at http://www.tidesoft.com.au/support or leave a comment below.

Minor tidepass .NET update

Finally updated the tidepass monkey icon to something more relevant, and consistent across the versions.

Your client should automatically ask you to install the update next time you run it.

sc2daily.com launches

I am excited to announce the launch of sc2daily.com!

eSports and Starcraft 2 popularity has grown considerably this year and as a fan of Starcraft 2, some friends and I have created sc2daily.com.

sc2daily.com aggregates news, social updates, live streams, casts and discussion from around the web, to bring all the latest Starcraft 2 content to you in one place.


I’ve been a fan of OpenDNS free DNS service for some time now, and I’ve been using the preview version of a new tool they have called DNSCrypt.

DNSCrypt encrypts your DNS lookups in a similar way that HTTPS traffic is encrypted. This helps prevent DNS traffic snooping and such.

Today the client notified me of an update, and it looks like they finally have persistent settings across reboots, which makes it so much better. I highly recommend both OpenDNS service and DNSCrypt.