One day I was given the task of looking up the historial share prices of stocks. Given the number of stocks, this wasn’t going to be a nice job, as I would have had to lookup each stock individually.

Another problem that existed was all the major finance websites that have historical data often get it wrong. Just plain wrong. I’ve found errors with Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Macquarie Blackbook, etc, etc.

So to do this job, I made a little .NET program called StockPrice.

I was able to very quickly (about an hour) come up with a multi-threaded program that grabbed historial prices from 3 major sites and compared them to each other, giving what it thinks is the most likely price on that day.

If you are interested, please download it and take a look. I am very interested in any feedback you may have.

Download the latest version of Tidesoft Stock Price at

Note: Stock Price only supports ASX stocks.