tidepass is a password generating program.

I found Alan Karp’s sitepass program to be quite useful, however one limitation I had was that it wasn’t very portable (Update: You can E-mail him for other platform versions). I couldn’t just use it on a Linux or Mac computer, and because I also use these to access online services I needed a password generator that was cross-platform.

I was thus inspired to create tidepass.

tidepass is a clone of sitepass written in Java. The idea is you have one universal hard to guess passphrase and a list of easy to remember names. The program generates a password for you to use, and therefore you only have to remember the hard to guess passphrase and get the easy name from your list.

Please Contact Me with any feedback or issues.

Update: I now recommend tidepass .NET as the recommend release for Windows Users.

Platform Supported Versions Requirements
Windows Java tidepass Java 1.5
Recommended version!
tidepass .NET .NET Framework 4.5.1
Windows 8 tidepass for Win8 Windows 8
Recommended version!
tidepass for OS X OS X Mountain Lion
Mac Java tidepass for Mac Java 1.5
Linux Java tidepass Java 1.5
iPhone / iPad tidepass for iOS iOS 5.0
Windows Phone tidepass for WP Windows Phone
Android Coming soon!
Web Silverlight tidepass Silverlight 3.0
Web HTML5 tidepass  HTML5 browser